sshfs is a nice neat way to share sections of your file systems between servers over SSH (quite easy on Debian or Ubuntu of course) 🙂

The only down side to this I can see is that performance might suffer as read and write operations happen over a network. If this is a concern then you might want to look at rsync instead. Anyway it  is not really much of a problem when they are on the same LAN or in the same data centre. It even seems to perform well enough when you are sharing file systems between 2 EC2 instances. If using EC2 thought it is best to launch them in the same availability zone 😛

I have not tested this with any sort of “Server Load”.

So to install sshfs..

apt-get install sshfs
sshfs -o allow_other,uid=[user-id] ,gid=[group-id] [ip-addresss]:[directory-to-share] [local-mount-point]

This would mount /var/www/ from the server  with the IP on the local machine at the same point /var/www/

sshfs -o allow_other,uid=33,gid=33 /var/www/